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Reverse Logistics

KION Group’s own logistics subsidiary Urban-Transporte developed logistics solutions for the return of used Lithium-ion batteries. These services include transportation of (critical) defect batteries according to ADR 2023 regulations by offering suitable transport containers and qualified partner. The transport containers has been developed to cope with accidents according to the latest legal hazardous goods demands and fulfill the BAM requirements as per ADR 2023.


Handover and check of the battery questionnaire for the evaluation of the used battery  

Container Management

Procurement, certification and supply of appropriate container including the return of empties  


Collection and transport of used batteries in consideration of the legal regulations (ADR)  


Phone support for any questions in terms of lithium-ion batteries and the reverse process  

Packaging Video Urban-Transporte Container


Download Documents

  Checkliste up to 15kg  

  Checkliste over 15kg  



Return of Lithium-Ion Batteries

  • Step 1: Determine the weight of the battery - is it above or below 15kg?
  • Step 2: Download and complete the appropriate checklist
  • Step 3: Contact the appropriate contact person and submit the checklist
  • Step 4: The battery will be classified by Urban-Transporte in the category green, yellow or red
  • Step 5: After consultation Urban-Transporte, suitable packaging material will be sent to you

Defective batteries

  • Step 6: For defective batteries you will receive the Urban-Transporte box
  • Step 7: By means of QR code you get access to the packaging video
  • Step 8: Pack the defective battery as shown in the video
  • Step 9: Inform your contact person about the provision of the Urban-Transporte Box

Undamaged batteries

  • Step 6: For undamaged batteries you will receive an ADR carton
  • Step 7: In the box you will find packing instructions
  • Step 8: Pack the undamaged battery as shown in the instructions
  • Step 9: Inform your contact person about the provision of the carton

Contact WITH Urban-Group

Do you have questions, suggestions or need support?
Here you will be helped immediately.


Urab Project Manager

Maik Thomsen

Team Leader CF Transport  

Urban-Transporte GmbH | Schippnerstr. 1-3 | Aschaffenburg
Phone +49 6021 4477-218
Cell +49 160 98277139



Urab Project Manager

Gerhard Popp

Professional Transportation & Dangerous Goods  

Urban-Transporte GmbH | Carl-von-Linde-Str. 10A | Unterschleißheim
Phone +49 89 744757-53
Cell +49 175 5202284



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