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Customer and supplier logins to our portals.

  • Partner Portal - Rampensteuerung
    Partner Portal - Ramp Control
    The "ramp control" is used to book and manage time windows (loading and unloading) between the forwarders and Urban, Baoli, Linde, Fenwick, Still plants and locations throughout Europe.
  • WebSped Portal
    Order management and track&trace for customers as well as shipment status management for service providers and forwarders
  • Urban Supply System (USS)
    Transport registrations with order reference for suppliers on behalf of various KION Group companies (Linde, Still, Dematic)
  • UL-Net
    Placement of customer call-offs for the insertion and transportation of refrigerated goods
  • LB-Login
    Extranet access to the local warehouse management system for the Aschaffenburg location
  • Support
    Support for login problems, please send an email to the technical support!


Download: ADSp, Guideline, more...

Urban-Group (DE) Germany

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Urban-Group (CZ) Czech Republic

 Kodex obchodního chování a etický kodex společnosti Urban-Transporte spol. s r.o.

 Úmluva CMR

 Dodací podmínky INCOTERMS 2010

 Pojištění společnosti Urban-Transporte (zasílatel a dopravce)

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 Informace pro dodavatele v souvislosti s šířením onemocnění COVID-19 způsobeného novým koronavirem

 Informace pro dopravce v souvislosti s šířením onemocnění COVID-19 způsobeného novým koronavirem

Politika společnosti o ochraně zdraví, bezpečnosti a životního prostředí

 Všeobecné obchodní podmínky obstarávání přeprav

 Všeobecné obchodní podmínky pro přepravu v mezinárodní a vnitrostátní silniční nákladní dopravě

Urban-Group (ES) Español

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Urban-Group (FR) France

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 Certificate 45001


Urban-Group (IT) Italy

Urban-Group (PL) Poland

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We are hiring!

Become part of the Urban-Group! We look forward to receiving your application.

Head of Human Resources:
Gabriele Fieber

Urban-Transporte GmbH
Schippnerstr. 1-3
63741 Aschaffenburg

Aschaffenburg, Germany

Job description: Project Manager – Central Logistics (m/w/d)
Emphasis: Independent development and implementation of innovative and integrated logistics concepts
 Download full job description
Job description: (Junior) Project Manager - Transport (m/w/d)
Emphasis: Focus on network planning and design as well as the optimization and standardization of the transport handling process
 Download full job description
Job description: Project manager IT_S4-HANA_SAP
Emphasis: SAP S4-HANA
 Download full job description
Job description: Janitor
Emphasis: Technical building management and maintenance of the properties
 Download full job description

Hamburg, Germany

Initiativbewerbung: Dispatcher, Quality inspection (m/w/d)
Requirements: Professional experience

Soon to be 60 years of successful logistics — a company that makes a difference!

Urban-Transporte GmbH - From family business to premium logistics service provider.
We now operate worldwide as Urban-Group in order to meet the demands of our international customers!

Our vision and valuese

New requirements, new ways
As part of the KION Group, it is important for us, Role model to be a role model - both externally and internally

Our corporate values play a decisive role here:

  • Cooperation
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Courage

Direct our individual actions and our cooperation - with colleagues, superiors, employees, customers, suppliers and applicants.

Our mission

We'll make it happen

  • Multifaceted range of offers
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Top values in service level
  • Overcome language barriers
  • Individually adapted concepts

Our Team

More then a Teamwork
Our employees stand for extensive know-how in intralogistics and supply chain management.

Thanks to further training and qualification measures, our employees are always familiar with the latest requirements.
We act quickly and flexibly at all times.

Urban Lithium-Ionen Box

Urban Lithium-Ionen Portal

— Maik Thomsen

Services for Lithium-Ion Batteries by Urban-Transporte

Urban-Group New Home

Urban-Group "New Home"

— Felix Becker

Urban-Group builds new logistics center in Aschaffenburg-Nilkheim for faster production supply, shorter response times in truck traffic and thus reduction of Co2 emissions.

Urban-Group Aschaffenburg

Urban-Group Aschaffenburg

— Felix Becker

The new site is conveniently located close to the Linde Plant II in Aschaffenburg.

Urban-Group Career

Urban-Group Career

— Gabriele Fieber

We offer our employees in Germany bicycle leasing for free use as a sustainable & innovative form of voluntary fringe benefit. This saves us over 15 tons of CO2 per year.

Urban-Group IT-Certified

Urban-Group IT-Certified

— Joerg Schmidt

As the demands of logistics increase, so does the performance of the IT infrastructure. That is why we have certified employees for the highest level of professionalism.


Urban-Group Quality and environmental management

— Patrick Huenlein

Our environmental objectives in the areas of transportation and storage are reflected in measures to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2027 (compared to 2017).


Urban-Group Quality and environmental management

— Patrick Huenlein

Quality makes the difference! Only through our expertise as a logistics link can we meet the standards along the entire supply chain with high-quality processes.


Urban-Group Occupational safety management

— Patrick Huenlein

The health and safety of our employees is very important to us. Our working environment is therefore certified in accordance with ISO 45001.


Our service ranges from A for offer to Z for delivery.

  • All
  • Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Integration

Moving agilely without limits

Worldwide transportation using various means of transport is a natural part of the logistics chain for us.

  • Land transportation
  • Sea and air freight
  • KEP-Services

Reliable in any field

Reliable in any field

Our logistics offer includes:

  • Warehouse Logistics
  • Production logistics
  • Distribution logistics
  • Spare-parts logistics
  • Information Logistics

The all-round carefree package

We respond to you and offer:

  • Logistics consulting
  • Empty container management
  • Comprehensive solutions
Lithium-Ionen Portal

Lithium-Ionen Portal

Developed logistics solutions for the return of used Lithium-ion batterie:

  • Documentation
  • Container Management
  • Transportation
  • Advisory
  • Stock

Lithium-Ionen Portal

Reverse Logistics

KION Group’s own logistics subsidiary Urban-Transporte developed logistics solutions for the return of used Lithium-ion batteries. These services include transportation of (critical) defect batteries according to ADR 2023 regulations by offering suitable transport containers and qualified partner. The transport containers has been developed to cope with accidents according to the latest legal hazardous goods demands and fulfill the BAM requirements as per ADR 2023.

Lithium-Ionen Portal - Box

Logistics solutions for the return of used lithium-ion batteries

More information with video:


Handover and inspection of the checklist for evaluating the used battery


Container Management

Procurement, certification and provision of suitable containers, including the return of empties



Collection and transportation of used batteries in compliance with legal regulations (ADR)



Phone support for any questions in terms of lithium-ion batteries and the reverse process


Packaging Video Urban-Transporte Container



Return of Lithium-Ion Batteries

  Determine the weight of the battery - is it above or below 15kg

  Download and complete the appropriate checklist

  Contact the appropriate contact person and submit the checklist

  The battery will be classified by Urban-Transporte in the category green, yellow or red

  After consultation Urban-Transporte, suitable packaging material will be sent to you

Faulty batteries

  For defective batteries you will receive the Urban-Transporte box

  By means of QR code you get access to the packaging video

  Pack the defective battery as shown in the video

  Inform your contact person about the provision of the Urban-Transporte Box

Undamaged batteries

  For undamaged batteries you will receive an ADR carton

  In the box you will find packing instructions

  Pack the undamaged battery as shown in the instructions

  Inform your contact person about the provision of the carton

Contact persons

Do you have any questions, suggestions or need support??


Maik Thomsen

Team Leader CF Transport

Gerhard Popp

Professional Transportation & Dangerous Goods

Blanka Svedova

Urban-Transporte ⇒ Czech

Gerhard Popp

Urban-Transporte ⇒ Deutschland

Paula Peña

Urban-Transporte ⇒ Espania

Carolie Grenier

Urban-Transporte ⇒ France

Massimo Azzolini

Urban-Transporte ⇒ Italia

Pawel Zielinski

Urban-Transporte ⇒ Poland

Mark Wesolowski

Urban-Transporte ⇒ United-Kingdom

Urban-Group — a brand of the Kion Group


Kion Group AG currently employs around 40,000 people. Around the world, more than 1.6 million forklifts and warehouse trucks and around 8,000 installed systems from the Kion Group are in use by customers of all sizes in numerous industries on six continents. With its solutions, the Kion Group improves the flow of materials and information in production facilities, warehouses and distribution centers in more than 100 countries.

Members of KION Group

Our Urban-Group Locations

Urban-Group in Europa

Here is an overview of the location, at click detailed view with -Maps or -Earth.


Urban-Transporte GmbH
Carl-von-Linde-Str. 10a
D-85716 Unterschleißheim, Germany

Head office:

+49 89 744757-0

Business hours:
Mo. - Fr. 8:00 to 16:00 (CEST)